Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have hit a home run with Launching A Leadership Revolution. Undeniably insightful, well researched and easy to read, their book is sure to become one of the most influential books written about leadership in recent years. The authors have created this book in order to share the business lessons they have learned and developed during the last 10 years while on the journey of building a successful business.

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Hard work is the proper response to God given gifts.
Good thing for Revitalizing Shampoo! I wouldn't want my hair to become non-vital.
Freedom ruins a man for slavery ever after.
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In his new book, #AlMichaels writes about being a Rascal. Great terminology! :)
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Don't look at me in that tone of voice!
An excellent article
Critics are cowards. Plain and simple.
Multitasking is a con artist that robs you of focus.
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Do not think that giving in to your critics will accomplish peace with them. They will only revile your more for it.
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Change is not a loner - it is almost always accompanied by both fans and critics.
Be where you are when you're there.
Are you living life or is life living you?
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A bitter heart is never thankful & a thankful heart is never bitter. #Life #HappyThanksgiving
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Why aren't we as responsible to our 5% potential as we are to our 95% reality? #Life
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When you resort to force, you have reached your leadership limit. #Life #Leadership #leadershipskills
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@les_prosser Glad you enjoyed them. Keep learning and leading!
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Why sacrifice your future success on the altar of past mistakes? #Life #Leadership
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RT @RascalTweets: Multitasking is a con artist that robs you of focus.
Winners think and act while others talk and watch. #Life #Leadership #winner
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Your business is going to change, either led by you or your competitors. #Life #Leadership #business
Winners never suffer defeat, but rather just many setbacks on their way to victory. :)
The only people capable of handling success are those who have learned to handle failures w/o taking their eyes off the prize.
You won't attempt the 'impossible' until you believe the 'impossible' is possible. #Life #Leadership #Possible
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The authors are making a donation equal to 100% of all the advances and royalties they receive for this edition to All Grace Outreach in Flint, Michigan. Learn more about All Grace Outreach charity ...CLICK HERE