Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have hit a home run with Launching A Leadership Revolution. Undeniably insightful, well researched and easy to read, their book is sure to become one of the most influential books written about leadership in recent years. The authors have created this book in order to share the business lessons they have learned and developed during the last 10 years while on the journey of building a successful business.

Travel to perspective is like oxygen to flame.
There should be a museum called "I Told You So" to commemorate all the critics that were wrong!
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There is a lot I don't know that I wish I did; but there is a lot I do know that I wish I didn't.
RT @CharellStar: "Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.” - Dr. Seuss
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The way in which you do something is almost as important as the something you do.
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The over planners just take longer to be wrong - Ed Catmull
Fail early and fail fast - Andrew Stanton
RT @viking4352: "Discouragement is disillusioned self-love" -Oswald Chambers
The real ailments of our times do not fit neatly into a twenty second sound bite.
The church is not a cruise ship, it's a rescue ship.
The best experience is someone else's, properly examined and applied.
Students keep the teacher young.
Sometimes little things turn out to be big things. The tough part is we don't know WHICH little things.
Some of my most creative moments occur when trying to find an excuse not to go to the gym.
Politicians profess positive programs publicly; but privately, produce permanent planned plunders.
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You will never know how far you can go until you start.
How Limiting Beliefs Paralyze Your Growth
You can tell the size of the person by the way they treat people who cannot help him
Winners cannot tolerate losing on the majors in life.
RT @RascalTweets: The over planners just take longer to be wrong - Ed Catmull
RT @viking4352: "Discouragement is disillusioned self-love" -Oswald Chambers
Today's obedience leads to tomorrow's blessings.
Truth is sweet to the ears, but painful to the heart until you live by it.
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Those who create the future are criticized from those who wish to protect the past.
The moment you become over-sensitive is the same moment that you cease being hungry to learn.
Are you a missionary (working on purpose) or mercenary (working for money) in life?
The best compliment you can pay a leader is to praise his/her team.
Striving for excellence is a habit, sadly so is quitting.
Proper mentorship provides you with a new perspective on your challenges & the encouragement to tackle them anew.
The best strategy can not overcome lack of belief.
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Excellent article by Chris Brady on Communication

The authors are making a donation equal to 100% of all the advances and royalties they receive for this edition to All Grace Outreach in Flint, Michigan. Learn more about All Grace Outreach charity ...CLICK HERE