Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have hit a home run with Launching A Leadership Revolution. Undeniably insightful, well researched and easy to read, their book is sure to become one of the most influential books written about leadership in recent years. The authors have created this book in order to share the business lessons they have learned and developed during the last 10 years while on the journey of building a successful business.

To find fame, you've got to first look lame.
RT @OfficialJimRohn: "The worst days of those who enjoy what they do are better than the best days of those who don't." — Jim Rohn
If you'll do enough of what you don't have to do, you'll be able to do more of what you want to do.
RT @CoachMotto: The motivation of wanting to win--everybody has that. But a champion needs, in his attitude, a motivation above & beyond wi…
Having a vision is fine, but principles are crucial.
Fight as if you are right and listen as if you are wrong.
Excellence is unwrapped by the hands of courage.
Do not think that giving in to your critics will accomplish peace with them. They will only revile your more for it.
Change is inevitable but growth is optional.
RT @CoachMotto: Nothing will work unless you do. – John Wooden
Being married to someone is likely the best seat in life’s theater from which to witness the performance of their life.
Productivity can be found in knowing your priorities.
You succeed by pushing yourself to pull others up, not by pushing others to pull you up.
RT @Orrin_Woodward: Servant leaders are less ambitious for rewards and recognition and more focused on making a difference.
You can't turn life's lemons into lemonade if you don't supply sweetener. #attitude
Reading good books is oxygen to the brain and nourishment for the soul.
RT @CoachMotto: You win some & lose some in life. Some things are beyond your control. The main thing is to make choices for the right reas…
You can acquire skills if you desire those skills.
Winning and whining don't go together.
RT @FelmarM: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change!
Priorities are you telling your time where it is going, instead of you asking where your time went #amilliongreenboxes
@SpeakerShinjini How few people stay true to their dreams.
Congratulations to the Green Box community on another double digit monthly growth at seminars!! #escapefinancialmatrix
You cannot break free from the crowd while seeking approval from it. #amilliongreenboxes
What Does Claude Hamilton Know About the Financial Matrix Scam?
RT @LifeLeadrship: Financial Fitness Provides True Financial Freedom #amilliongreenboxes #TLYAW
#amilliongreenboxes One of my all-time favorite business books from Michael Gerber called E-Myth. …
Setting a goal is invaluable. You gain either success or added experience in preparation for success. #amilliongreenboxes
Working hard without a dream is like rowing a boat in the middle of the ocean without knowing the way to shore. #amilliongreenboxes
Servant leaders are less ambitious for rewards and recognition and more focused on making a difference.
To unlearn that which is bad proves many times a harder task than to learn that which is good. - Mathew Henry
One of a leader's main assignments is to impart belief into others that they are worthy of success. #amilliongreenboxes
An expert is sold on the old paradigm & unopen to new ideas while a student is always questioning & learning. #amilliongreenboxes
People naturally love competition & avoid confrontation, but true leadership requires cooperation & confrontation. #amilliongreenboxes
Talent to start is abundant; persistence to finish is rare. #amilliongreenboxes
George Guzzardo's Testimony of the Financial Matrix Scam
You start leading your life the moment you realize your ability to conquer both yourself and your environment. #amilliongreenboxes
Everyone has financial discipline. The only question is if its internal (Green Box) or external (Financial Matrix).
Too often we view learning as a period of life, instead of a way of life #amilliongreenboxes
A person's outer world conforms with his inner; therefore, a person changes his thinking & then his life. #amilliongreenboxes

The authors are making a donation equal to 100% of all the advances and royalties they receive for this edition to All Grace Outreach in Flint, Michigan. Learn more about All Grace Outreach charity ...CLICK HERE